A huge concern for most players is to register at a casino that offers unfair games. Fortunately, there're regulated and licenced casinos, such as 1-onlinecasino-Canada , which assure fairness and randomness in their games. Still, there are scam casinos.

It's All About Probability and Numbers

After losing stakes constantly, some players believe that these games are rigged. When to comes to Android casinos, those who claim casinos rig games analyse a certain set of results. After identifying the pattern, they post the allegations.

  1. The casino games utilize Random Number Generator (RNG) system.

With this system, the outcome of a particular round is wholly different from another round's outcome. All in all, you might come across a few crooked Android casinos that may try to tamper with the system.

The Odds are Against You

If you fully recognize how Android casinos work, you'll realize they don't necessarily have to cheat on you to beat you. Indeed, casinos always win regardless of the games' outcome. So, you can peacefully play your preferred game.

You have perhaps come across the fallacy that you cannot win playing Android casino games unless you invent your own games. Naturally, the same situation that makes players lose consistently can make you win continually.

Random Number Generators

All licenced Android casinos should follow stringent measures. One of the tests is to offer fair software. Additionally, they should offer a random number generator. As said earlier, this system generates a set of random numbers.

So, for every slot spin, shuffle card deck or a dice roll, the system will mathematically mirror what happens in a brick-and-mortar casino. The best thing is that casino regulators test these RNGs often to measure their fairness.

How to Find a Rigged Android Casino

Rigged Android casinos are not as prevalent as you may think. If you decide to play in an unregulated and unlicensed casino, you stand a chance to gamble on rigged casino games. So, stick to recommended platforms.

  • Read previous and existing customer reviews

Besides checking whether the casino is offering unfair games, you also need to assess whether the platform pays out players' winnings. Whatever the circumstance, you need to be cautious of the move you wish to make.

Joining an Ideal Android Casino is in Your Hands

While there is a chance to still join an Android casino with rigged games, there is little chance of doing so than you might think. You should fully scrutinize the casino's licences to find out whether they are legit.

So, just sign-up at Android casinos licenced by the leading regulators, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), the Malta Gaming Authority, and the government of Curacao. Basically, all it takes is researching about the casino.